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South Carolina is one of the most beautiful places in the United States to call home. However, our local weather can be extreme - high temps and thick humidity in the summer and chilly winter weather during cold months. As a local HVAC company in Summerville, SC, we know how crucial it is to have a quality HVAC system in your home and experienced technicians to keep it working correctly.

With more than 35 years of serving the Lowcountry, we are proud to be an active part of our local community. As your neighbors, we are here for all of your HVAC needs, whether you need a new AC unit installed this summer or a heat pump replacement this winter. With a reliable team of NATE-certified technicians and decades of experience in our industry, no HVAC project is too big or small for us to handle.

We offer highly competitive pricing and convenient financing options for all of our clients. At the end of the day, our goal is to make it easy and affordable to live comfortably in your home all year long. We are committed to hard work, honesty, and integrity with every service we offer. If you aren't 100% satisfied with our work, we'll do our part to make it right.

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Here are just a few of the reasons why homeowners and business owners in South Carolina trust Action Heating & Air Conditioning:

  • We have been serving clients in South Carolina since 1983 - before many of our clients were even born!
  • We provide a wide range of HVAC services for both heating and air conditioning.
  • We are committed to giving our clients the highest quality products and services at affordable prices.
  • As a Carrier® Factory Authorized Dealer, we have the best HVAC units available.
  • We are members of the South Carolina Association of Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors.
  • We are members of our local Chamber of Commerce and the Air Conditioning Contractors of America.

If you need a trusted AC repair company in Summerville, know that our team is geared up and ready to help you today. While you browse our website, have a look at just a few of our specialties here at Action Heating & Air Conditioning:

Air Conditioning Repair in Summerville, SC

Summers in the Lowcountry are hot, humid, and sticky. After a long day at the beach or downtown with your friends, nothing feels better than kicking back on the sofa while your air conditioning cools you off. On the other hand, nothing feels worse than walking into your home and feeling warm, stale air hit your face. Those who know, know - having your AC go out during a South Carolina summer is no joke. With time, a relatively minor inconvenience can turn into a real health problem.

In situations like these, something has probably gone wrong with your HVAC system. If your AC has stopped working in the middle of summer, it's time to call Action Heating & Air Conditioning right away. Our team of certified HVAC professionals has years of experience repairing and servicing AC equipment. It doesn't matter how old your unit is or what brand you bought - we have the skills to get your home comfort system up and running in no time.

Heating And Air Conditioning Summerville, SC
Here are just a few of the AC issues that our talented team can help solve for you:
 Heating And Air Conditioning Services Summerville, SC

Air Conditioning Drainage Block

Over time, condensation builds up in your AC equipment because of its cooling process. This accumulated byproduct must be drained regularly, or the increased amounts of moisture can damage your air conditioner's components.

 AC Repair Services Summerville, SC

Air Conditioning Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant is the substance responsible for keeping your home nice and cool in the summer. When refrigerant levels drop due to a leak, it will affect your AC equipment's ability to cool your home. If your HVAC unit isn't blowing cold air, this could be a reason why.

 HVAC Repair Services Summerville, SC

Heater Keeps Running

This is a common AC issue in South Carolina and the U.S. in general. Sometimes this problem is fixed by switching your thermostat to "auto." If that doesn't work, you may have a broken thermostat or a wiring issue that needs to be addressed quickly.

 Air Conditioning Summerville, SC

Burning Odors

It's normal for your heater to produce a slight burning smell if it hasn't been used in a while. However, if you are experiencing a persistent burning smell during the summer months when your air conditioning is on, it could be a serious problem. Turn off your HVAC system immediately and call our office as soon as possible so that we may send out a technician to diagnose your problem.

 AC Repair Summerville, SC

Broken Air Conditioning Compressor Fan

This fan plays an important role in your AC unit's heat transfer process. When your air conditioning fan breaks, your AC equipment won't be able to cool your home off in the summer when it's needed the most.

Our Special Offers

One of our goals as a company is to provide HVAC repair services at fair and competitive prices. In addition, we want you to feel confident about investing in high-quality heating and cooling systems without having to worry a lot about the costs. We make sure to provide honest and accurate quotes and we offer a variety of financing options. We want you to get the best bang for your buck, so here are some special offers.

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If you are experiencing any of the problems above, be sure to hire a professional contractor to fix your issues. For your safety, don't ever try to make HVAC repairs on your own unless you are trained. When the time come to have your air conditioning system repaired, our team of licensed AC technicians will handle all of the hard work on your behalf. That way, you can stay safe and have peace of mind knowing you're in good hands.

Air Conditioning Install in Summerville, SC

Your HVAC system works hard all year long. If you have gone years without much maintenance or AC repair, you probably bought a great HVAC unit. However, with constant use and even normal wear and tear, even the highest-quality HVAC systems are prone to malfunctions. Eventually, it will need to be replaced.

If you need an energy-efficient, reliable cooling system for your home or business, you have come to the right place. We have decades of experience installing new AC systems for our clients and can handle any installation project you have. As a Carrier® Factory Authorized Dealer, we have the most top-rated AC systems available in South Carolina.

At Action Heating & Air Conditioning, we know that buying a new air conditioner and installing it can be a huge source of stress. But when you work with us, it doesn't have to be that way. We have made it our mission to make the AC installation process easy and efficient for our customers. That way, they can focus more on living life and enjoying their home while we work hard on their AC install in Summerville.

Whether you plan to replace a faulty air conditioning system or need a Carrier unit for your new construction home, we have got you covered. We will work with you directly to find the best fit for your home and budget. We are also happy to answer all of your AC installation questions prior to and during your initial service appointment.

 Heater Repair Services Summerville, SC

Common Signs That You Need a New AC Install in Summerville, SC

Trying to figure out whether your air conditioner needs to be repaired or replaced can be a tricky decision to make. Most people have a hard time letting things go, and that includes AC units. It can be hard to know when to let go of the old and welcome in the new. To help save you time and make your decision a little easier, keep the following signs in mind. If you find yourself saying, "that sounds like my AC unit," it might be time for a new air conditioning installation.

 HVAC Repair Summerville, SC

Strange Noises

Almost all air conditioners make a bit of low-level noise as they warm up and turn off. However, if you hear loud, unusual noises, it might be a sign that your air conditioner's time is coming to an end. Buzzing and rattling noises are often indicators of a loose part. Grinding and whistling noises may mean something more serious is happening. Because these issues won't dissipate over time, it's crucial to have your air conditioner examined if you hear loud, strange noises.

Frequent Repairs

Summerville AC repair is essential for keeping your air conditioner working efficiently. Sometimes, however, it makes more sense from a cost perspective to install a replacement system. This is especially true if your repairs are racking up. Some AC experts suggest using the "$5,000 rule" if you're considering a new AC install. Simply multiply the age of your air conditioner by the costs you have been paying to repair your unit. If that amount is over $5,000, it may make more financial sense to install a new air conditioner rather than pay for expensive repairs throughout the year.

Higher Energy Bills

If you notice that your energy bill has significantly increased in price, it could be a sign that your HVAC unit is struggling to cool your home effectively. Try to be mindful of your air conditioner's cooling cycles. If you notice frequent cycles, even in the summer, it could be the reason for your increased energy bill. In these cases, it's best to have an expert test your system to see if a repair or replacement option is best for your family.

Age of Air Conditioning Unit

This sign is a no-brainer and one of the easiest ways to tell if you need to install a new AC system. On average, your HVAC unit will have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. If your unit is more than ten years old and doesn't have the "pizzaz" that it once had, it might be time to think about installing a new air conditioning unit.

R-22 Refrigerant

Old air conditioners usually require a type of refrigerant called R-22. This substance is very harmful to the environment and has been all but outlawed on newer HVAC systems. If your AC unit is old enough to require R-22, you should give serious thought to replacing your system with a newer, environmentally friendly solution.

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Over our 35+ year history, we have built our reputation on honesty, skilled workmanship, and reasonable pricing. If you are on the hunt for the highest quality air conditioning repair in Summerville, SC, give our office a call today.

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Protecting Your Investment

Your air conditioning system works very hard every day, all year long to keep your home comfy and cool. Machines that work hard year-round are going to require maintenance and ongoing services to stay operational.

As a family-owned and operated HVAC company in Summerville, SC, we know better than anyone how expensive it can be to maintain an AC unit. We know that money doesn't grow on trees. We also understand that finding last-minute resources to fix an air conditioning system can be challenging. That is why we offer extended warranties for your new or existing AC equipment. With an extended warranty from Action Heating & Air Conditioning, you benefit from repairs, replacement, and additional services covered under warranty. That way, you can enjoy your HVAC products as long as possible.

 Heating And AC Services Summerville, SC
If you're having second thoughts about purchasing an extended warranty, consider these points:
  • Generally speaking, HVAC equipment lasts anywhere from 10 to 15 years. However, warranties provided by the factory will often expire before the service life of your cooling unit is over. With an extended warranty, your indoor comfort system is covered even if the factory warranty expires.
  • Having an extended warranty on your AC system gives you the chance to project and plan for any HVAC costs. This helps you balance your budget and anticipate expenses so you aren't caught off guard. Having a warranty will also help protect your budget against increases in labor and parts costs due to inflation.
  • If you're thinking of selling your home, having an extended warranty may help raise your home's value. You may also be able to transfer your extended warranty to your new home if you choose to do so.

Latest News in Summerville, SC

Gov. Henry McMaster, Lt. Gov. Pamela S. Evette, and First Lady Peggy McMaster’s Weekly Schedule, December 5, 2022

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Governor Henry McMaster, Lieutenant Governor Pamela S. Evette, and First Lady Peggy McMaster's schedules for the week of December 5 will include the following:Monday, December 5 at 11:00 AM: Gov. McMaster will attend the SC Port Harbor Deepening Celebration event, Mt. Pleasant Waterfront Park, Cooper River Room, 99 Harry M. Hallman Jr. Boulevard, Mt. Pleasant, S.C.Monday, December 5 at 2:30 PM: Gov. McMaster will join Adjutant General Van McCarty and the South Carolina National Guard&rsqu...

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Governor Henry McMaster, Lieutenant Governor Pamela S. Evette, and First Lady Peggy McMaster's schedules for the week of December 5 will include the following:

Monday, December 5 at 11:00 AM: Gov. McMaster will attend the SC Port Harbor Deepening Celebration event, Mt. Pleasant Waterfront Park, Cooper River Room, 99 Harry M. Hallman Jr. Boulevard, Mt. Pleasant, S.C.

Monday, December 5 at 2:30 PM: Gov. McMaster will join Adjutant General Van McCarty and the South Carolina National Guard’s Survivor Outreach Services in recognizing “A Tree for the Fallen” for South Carolina’s fallen service members and their families, Governor’s Office, State House, 1100 Gervais Street, Columbia, S.C.

Monday, December 5 at 5:30 PM: Gov. McMaster and First Lady Peggy McMaster will host the annual Governor's Mansion Christmas Open House, Governor's Mansion, 800 Richland Street, Columbia, S.C. Note: The governor will hold media availability at 5:20 PM. Members of the media wishing to participate in the media avail should arrive at the Richland Street mall gate by 5:15 PM to go through security.

Tuesday, December 6 at 10:00 AM: Gov. McMaster will attend an Economic Development Announcement, Francis Marion University Performing Arts Center, 201 South Dargan Street, Florence, S.C.

Tuesday, December 6 at 2:00 PM: Gov. McMaster will attend South Carolina OSHA's 50th Anniversary event, Denny Auditorium, State Fire Academy, 141 Monticello Trail, Columbia, S.C.

Wednesday, December 7 at 10:00 AM: Gov. McMaster and Lt. Gov. Evette will attend the Nephron Nitrile Grand Opening Event, Nephron Nitrile, 4777 12th Street Extension, West Columbia, S.C.

Wednesday, December 7 at 2:00 PM: Gov. McMaster will host a Memorandum of Understanding Signing with the United Kingdom, State House, first floor, 1100 Gervais Street, Columbia, S.C.

Saturday, December 10 at 10:30 AM: Lt. Gov. Evette will participate in the Greater Travelers Rest Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Christmas Parade, Wells Fargo Bank 5 Hawkins Road, Travelers Rest, S.C.

Gov. Henry McMaster’s Weekly Schedule: November 28, 2022

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Gov. Henry McMaster’s schedule for the week of November 28, 2022, included:

Monday, November 28

10:40 AM: Agency call.

10:42 AM: Agency call.

11:01 AM: Agency call.

11:21 AM: Agency call.

Tuesday, November 29

Gov. McMaster was in the Office of the Governor for office hours, State House, 1100 Gervais Street, Columbia, S.C.

11:00 AM: Agency meeting.

11:45 AM: Gov. McMaster presented the Order of the Palmetto to Steve Hamm, Governor’s Office, 1100 Gervais Street, Columbia, S.C.

1:30 PM: Policy meeting.

2:00 PM: Policy meeting.

3:00 PM: Policy meeting.

Wednesday, November 30

5:28 PM: Call with a member of the South Carolina Senate.

Thursday, December 1

10:11 AM: Call with a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives.

11:00 AM: Gov. McMaster attended the groundbreaking expansion event at KION North America, 2550 West 5th North Street, Summerville, S.C.

Friday, December 2

6:15 PM: Gov. McMaster attended the SPINX Company’s 50th anniversary celebration event and presented the Order of the Palmetto to Stewart Spinks, Fluor Field, 945 S. Main Street, Greenville, S.C.

Central Ohio high school sports scores/schedules: Dec. 26-Jan. 1

Boys basketballOlentangy Berlin 54, Centennial 22DeSales 52, Westerville Central 51Watterson 50, Hartley 40Westerville Central 61, DeSales 52New Albany 72, Canal Winchester 52Hilliard Davidson 61, Hilliard Darby 47Marysville 47, Fairbanks 42Westerville North 68, Chillicothe 24Covington (Ky.) Catholic 76, Pickerington Central 62Teays Valley 53, Upper Arlington 43Hilliard Bradley 47, Urbana 38Jonathan Alder 66, Bloom-Carroll 61...

Boys basketball

Olentangy Berlin 54, Centennial 22

DeSales 52, Westerville Central 51

Watterson 50, Hartley 40

Westerville Central 61, DeSales 52

New Albany 72, Canal Winchester 52

Hilliard Davidson 61, Hilliard Darby 47

Marysville 47, Fairbanks 42

Westerville North 68, Chillicothe 24

Covington (Ky.) Catholic 76, Pickerington Central 62

Teays Valley 53, Upper Arlington 43

Hilliard Bradley 47, Urbana 38

Jonathan Alder 66, Bloom-Carroll 61

Circleville 56, Westfall 54

Fairfield Union 55, Sheridan 45

Grove City Christian 67, East Knox 38

Portsmouth Notre Dame 71, Fisher Catholic 45

Utica 57, Tree of Life 43

Licking Valley 73, Philo 58

Johnstown 48, West Muskingum 33

Newark Cath. 36, Tuscarawas Cent. Cath. 28

Danville 62, Granville Christian 43

Northmor 69, Clear Fork 63, 2OT

Miami Trace 61, London 48

Greeneview 55, Madison Plains 32

Yellow Springs 49, West Jefferson 47

New Hope Christian 56, Athens 41

Marion Harding 77, Kenton 65

Lexington 66, Mount Vernon 55

Vanlue 69, Ridgedale 55

Girls basketball

Ready 67, Centennial 29

Fairfield Christian 53, South 49

Harvest Prep 41, DeSales 39

Mechanicsburg 55, Hartley 33

Bexley 56, Olentangy Berlin 47

Granville 51, Worthington Kilbourne 25

Reynoldsburg 77, Greer (S.C.) Riverside 59

Lake Highland, Fla. 66, Pickerington Central 56

Summerville (S.C.) Cane Bay 53, Lancaster 42

Liberty Union 43, Buckeye Valley 41

Chillicothe Southeastern 60, Logan Elm 56

Unioto 44, Bloom-Carroll 34

Ports. Notre Dame 59, Fisher Cath. 43

West Muskingum 53, Licking Valley 23

Newark Catholic 54, Waterford 48

North Union 42, Jonathan Alder 36

Willard 60, East Knox 49

Fairbanks 38, Oregon Clay 18


Olentangy Liberty 5, St. Charles 1

Olentangy Berlin 11, Thomas Worthington 2

Boys wrestling

Skyline Bowling Invitational


Top team scores: Westfall 234.5, Huntington 200, Philo 189. Also: 21. Columbus Academy 54


Boys basketball

Reynoldsburg 96, Walnut Ridge 59

Cin. Finneytown 58, West 48

Grove City 53, Worthington Kilbourne 38

Watkins Memorial 53, Dublin Scioto 51

Olentangy Orange 50, Newark 45

Pickerington North 70, Whitehall 48

Heath 45, Lancaster 39

Pickerington Central 87, Punta Gorda (Fla.) Charlotte 62

Dover 55, Olentangy 53, 4OT

Olentangy Liberty 62, Fayetteville, Ark. 58

Olentangy Berlin 52, Delaware 45

Hebron (Ky.) Conner 66, Dublin Jerome 57

Grandview 64, Centerburg 43

Tiffin Columbian 45, Bexley 44

Harvest Prep 81, Tiffin Calvert 45

Zane Trace 63, Amanda-Clearcreek 34

Patriot Academy 53, Rosecrans 45

Liberty Union 46, Licking Valley 43

McConnelsville Morgan 71, Lakewood 35

KIPP 52, Rockford Parkway 47

Bellefontaine 65, North Union 33

Girls basketball

Canal Winchester 45, New Albany 38

Upper Arlington 61, Dublin Scioto 20

Olentangy Orange 61, Licking Heights 43

Teays Valley 60, Worthington Kilbourne 21

Austintown Fitch 41, Hilliard Davidson 31

Reynoldsburg 58, Ashley Ridge, S.C. 40

North East Bushrangers, Australia 70, Central Crossing 52

Harpeth Hall, Tenn. 53, Lancaster 43

Amanda-Clearcreek 47, Johnstown 39

Circleville 53, Westfall 31

Tree of Life 55, Danville 51

Centerburg 48, Northridge 45

Mount Gilead 54, Elgin 24

Greeneview 39, Madison Plains 29

Miami Trace 58, London 44

Fairbanks 49, Huron 32

Mount Vernon 46, Ashland 37


Watterson 5, DeSales 3

Dublin Coffman 10, Springboro 4

Dublin Jerome 2, Perrysburg 1

Bowling Green 3, New Albany 1

Gates Mills Gilmour 4, Upper Arlington 1

Team Indiana 6, Upper Arlington 3

Boys wrestling

Watterson Invitational

Watterson 200, Pickerington North 199, Bloom-Carroll 134, Westerville South 93, Hamilton Township 78, Briggs 72.5, Urbana 70, Buckeye Valley 65, West 64.5, Whetstone 55, Marion-Franklin 51.5, Madison Plains 41, Reynoldsburg 39, South Charleston Southeastern 36, Walnut Ridge 35.5, Fairbanks 17

Marion Harding Classic

Lakewood St. Edward 252.5, Lancaster 198, Central Crossing 155, St. Marys Memorial 146, Liberty Center 144.5, Hilliard Davidson 136, Highland 131.5, Plymouth 112, Centerburg 105, Dublin Scioto 103, Reynoldsburg 85.5, Upper Sandusky 79, Sullivan Black River 71, Bexley 70, Marion Harding 64.5, North Union 63, Rossford 61, Canal Winchester and Thomas Worthington 59, Northridge 56, Buckeye Valley 55, Lima Shawnee 51, Lima Senior 42, Ashland Mapleton 30.5, Northmor 27, Cardington 18, Groveport and Licking Heights 15, Mount Gilead 10, Delaware Christian 6, Galion and Mifflin 4

Southern Hills Community Bank Invitational


Top team scores: Circleville 329.5, McClain 145, New Lexington 138


Boys basketball

Lancaster 55, West 38

Whetstone 57, Central Crossing 38

Columbus Academy 48, Briggs 46

Day. Ponitz 69, Linden 57

Watterson 54, Johnstown 41

DeSales 62, River Valley 54

St. Charles 51, Hebron (Ky.) Conner 49

Westerville Central 46, Westerville South 43

Big Walnut 77, Genoa Christian 35

Olentangy Orange 69, Madison 21

Olentangy 55, Perry 51

Dublin Coffman 72, Wadsworth 56

Olentangy Liberty 81, E. Forsyth, Ga. 37

Westerville North 61, Casstown Miami East 58

Winter Haven, Fla. 64, Pickerington Central 47

Newark 75, Barberton 46

Grandview 58, Rockford Parkway 53

Circleville 69, Athens 56

Gallipolis Gallia 36, Fairfield Union 34

Millersport 73, Liberty Christian 45

Delaware Christian 47, Fisher Catholic 38

Mansfield Christian 75, Horizon Science 69

Fairfield Christian 54, Shekinah Christian 39

Northside Christian 71, Berne Union 38

Centerburg 60, KIPP 59

Heath 55, Cin. Finneytown 49

Patriot Academy 57, Strasburg-Franklin 51

Clear Fork 67, Fredericktown 61

Westfall 61, New Hope Christian 58

London 47, Greeneview 40

Miami Trace 69, Madison Plains 57

Elgin 54, East Knox 39

Marion Harding 65, Upper Sandusky 53

Ridgemont 74, Mount Gilead 73

Girls basketball

DeSales 53, Westerville North 45

Watterson 39, Bexley 32

Hartley 42, Beloit W. Branch 39

Thomas Worthington 54, Dublin Scioto 38

Newark 59, Worthington Kilbourne 30

Dublin Coffman 62, Gahanna 52

Hilliard Darby 53, Pickerington North 49

Upper Arlington 50, Harvest Prep 48

Teays Valley 52, Big Walnut 35

Hilliard Davidson 49, Warren Howland 44

Marysville 51, Cin. Mount Notre Dame 42

Rutgers Prep, N.J. 52, Pickerington Central 47

Reynoldsburg 76, Greenbrier E., W.Va. 33

Hilliard Bradley 56, Wapakoneta 39

Olentangy Liberty 56, Berea 30

Lancaster 51, Radnor, Pa. 41

Liberty Union 65, Heath 52

Sheridan 52, Fairfield Union 32

Berne Union 52, Bidwell River Valley 25

Waterford 58, Fisher Catholic 44

John Glenn 49, Licking Valley 24

Tri-Village 65, Jonathan Alder 25

Pleasant 52, Bellefontaine 33


Olentangy 5, Worthington Kilbourne 4

Dublin Jerome 3, Whitehouse Anthony Wayne 0

Perrysburg 8, New Albany 1

Findlay 6, Dublin Jerome 2

Dayton 2, Upper Arlington 0

Boys wrestling

West Jefferson Invitational

Grove City 237.5, Gahanna 197.5, Cadiz Harrison Central 180, Logan Elm 174.5, Westerville Central 155, Triad 134, Sycamore Mohawk 129, Marysville 109, West Jefferson 102, Worthington Kilbourne 98, Amanda-Clearcreek 88.5, Nelsonville-York 73.5, London 69.5, Ready 59.5, Mechanicsburg 59, Greenfield McClain 58, Olentangy Orange 40

GMVWA Holiday Tournament


Top team scores: Graham 283.5, Springboro 216, Xenia Legacy Christian 189. Also; 5. Jonathan Alder 139; 26. Big Walnut 64; 27. Delaware 6329. Hilliard Bradley 62; 48. Dublin Jerome 35.5

Ceramic Holiday Tournament


Crooksville 223, Liberty Union 216, Waterford 181, Zanesville 144.5, Heath 124.5

Girls wrestling

Watkins Tournament

Harrison 211.5, Greeneview 147, Marysville 111.5, Alliance 101, West Union 98, Watterson 93, West Chester Lakota West 91, Westerville North 86.5, Hamilton Township 85, North Bend Taylor 76, Washington C.H. 74, Mogadore 67.5, Teays Valley 65, Fairfield 57, Sandusky 47, DeSales 46.5, Gahanna 45, Casstown Miami East 41, Jackson 39.5, River Valley and Heath 36, New Lexington 33.5, Doylestown Chippewa 32, Simon Kenton, Ky. 32, Watkins Memorial and Waverly 29, Licking Heights, Logan, Highland and Tri-Valley 28, Madison Plains 25, Central Crossing and Canal Winchester 23, Big Walnut and Mount Vernon 19, Licking Valley 18, Latham Western 17, Bellefontaine 15, Westerville South 14, Pickerington North 10, Bexley 7


Boys basketball

Briggs 83, Westland 71

Liberty Twp. Lakota East 62, Walnut Ridge 54

Gates Mills Gilmour 80, Eastmoor Academy 63

Springfield 43, Linden 39

Independence 50, Tol. Maumee Valley 42

Hartley 73, Hamilton Township 44

Wadsworth 59, St. Charles 51

Ready 70, Dayton Northridge 38

Upper Arlington 51, Groveport 50

Delaware 64, Mount Vernon 56

Hebron (Ky.) Conner 66, Dublin Coffman 65

Olentangy Liberty 46, Rogers (Ark.) Heritage 31

Pickerington Central 77, Valdosta, Ga. 61

Hilliard Bradley 46, Tri-Valley 24

Columbus Academy 56, Day. Stivers 48

Berne Union 47, Delaware Christian 45

Fairfield Christian 52, Northside Christian 42

Liberty Christian 68, Fisher Catholic 63

Millersport 59, Shekinah Christian 46

Day. Chaminade Julienne 60, Harvest Prep 56

Danville 59, Tree of Life 57

Mansfield Christian 56, Cardington 50

Highland 47, Horizon Science 46

Northridge 54, Chillicothe 47

Urbana 44, Jonathan Alder 33

Galion 63, Northmor 58

Girls basketball

Fort Loramie 69, Walnut Ridge 9

Cabell Midland, W.Va. 41, Hartley 35

Franklin Hts. 49, Groveport 46

Central Crossing 60, Grove City Christian 18

Olentangy Liberty 61, Norton 45

Circleville 52, Huntington 20

Amanda-Clearcreek 57, Zane Trace 12

Pleasant 56, Cardington 27

Northridge 53, Elgin 38

Philo 42, Johnstown 25

Clear Fork 61, Fredericktown 29

Miami Trace 63, Madison Plains 28

London 46, Greeneview 32


New Albany 10, Whitehouse Anthony Wayne 3

Bowling Green 2, Dublin Jerome 0

Findlay 6, New Albany 2

Girls wrestling

Lady Longhorn Holiday Tournament


Top team scores: Olentangy Orange 332, Lutheran West 131, Alliance 130. Also: 25. Columbus Academy 21.

Boys bowling

Marysville 2,481, Mechanicsburg 2,463.

Girls bowling

Mechanicsburg 2,543, Marysville 2,235

Facility to add gates at main entrances after hit and run, Live 5 investigation

Changes are coming to a state-run facility after one of its residents was able to escape, and then was hit by a car.SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCSC) - Changes are coming to a state-run facility after one of its residents was able to escape and was then struck by a car.Documents show that the Coastal Regional Center approved a $49,950 purchase to build gates at its two front entrances off of Miles Jamison Road.“I think with the traffic alone and the type of people that are housed at the Coastal Center... and this road began...

Changes are coming to a state-run facility after one of its residents was able to escape, and then was hit by a car.

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCSC) - Changes are coming to a state-run facility after one of its residents was able to escape and was then struck by a car.

Documents show that the Coastal Regional Center approved a $49,950 purchase to build gates at its two front entrances off of Miles Jamison Road.

“I think with the traffic alone and the type of people that are housed at the Coastal Center... and this road began to pick up traffic like it did, gates should have been put in,” mother Margaret Treadwell said.

Mary Williams, a 42-year-old with disabilities had escaped from the facility late one evening in October.

A Live 5 Investigation last month revealed she wasn’t the only one.

“I was shocked, and I was upset. I actually knew the young lady that got hit and it was personal and quite heartbreaking and saddening for me,” Treadwell said.

Treadwell reached out to Live 5 News after hearing the story. Her 31-year-old daughter, who has non-verbal autism, was also able to escape previously.

“If someone like her gets out. She can’t go somewhere and ask for help to get back. It’s up to, unfortunately, society or whoever finds her to bring her back,” Treadwell said.

Department of Disabilities and Special Needs spokesman P.J. Perea says the gate project was undergoing planning for procurement starting in July 2022 after a need was identified based on “increased traffic, poor lighting at night, and lack of sidewalks on Miles Jamison road.”

Documents obtained from the department show a request for purchase was submitted on Dec. 15, less than a week after the Live 5 News story aired.

It had also been two months since Williams was hospitalized following the hit-and-run.

Treadwell says the road has always been busy since her daughter has lived there.

It is unclear when construction will begin.

Williams’ cousin, Nicole Nick, was happy to hear the news. But concerns still remain about staffing shortages and the cleanliness of the facilities, among others.

Copyright 2023 WCSC. All rights reserved.

‘Law Talk’ series comes to S’ville Library

The South Carolina Bar and the Dorchester County Library (DCL) are collaborating in hosting Law Talk on Jan. 26 at the Summerville Library, from 5:30-6:30 p.m., where the topic of the day will be employment law presented by attorneys Brice Ricker and Emily Tong.Registration isn’t required for this event, per DCL, that will feature a Q&A session at the end of the discussion.“South Carolina’s employment relationships are ‘at-will,’ which generally means that employers can terminate an employee fo...

The South Carolina Bar and the Dorchester County Library (DCL) are collaborating in hosting Law Talk on Jan. 26 at the Summerville Library, from 5:30-6:30 p.m., where the topic of the day will be employment law presented by attorneys Brice Ricker and Emily Tong.

Registration isn’t required for this event, per DCL, that will feature a Q&A session at the end of the discussion.

“South Carolina’s employment relationships are ‘at-will,’ which generally means that employers can terminate an employee for any reason, or no reason at all; however, both federal and state law provides exceptions to this foundational rule ... Mrs. Tong and I look forward to helping Dorchester county residents learn about these exceptions and circumstances so that our community has a better understanding of their rights in the employment setting,” said Ricker.

For more information on Law Talk or other programs, contact Elizabeth Neal at 843-871-5075, ext. 212 or eneal@dorchesterlibrarysc.org.

Nearly 300 women will combine their energies next month in building a home for a Summerville-based single mom as part of Dorchester Habitat for Humanity’s annual build undertaking inspiring females to get involved in construction in the spirit of creating a forever home for a local family.

This “Women Build” initiative, according to Dorchester Habitat for Humanity Development Director Moriah Hollander, will require more than 2,000 hours to complete, as business partners will assist in the venture by donating construction materials.

“It’s the most fun we have on the build site each year,” Hollander shared. “You can show up never having picked up a hammer and leave knowing how to install trim in your living room.”

“Women Build” participants partaking in the project, says Hollander, will meet and work alongside the prospective home owner during weekend meetings in February.

The 2023 home recipient is Ariell Burgess, a mother of three.

“This house holds endless opportunity, growth, and stability in all areas of our life,” observed Burgess. “I want my kids to know their mom worked hard to build them a home.”

Volunteer Amanda Leviner is excited for what lies ahead and described the annual build as a great bonding experience for women.

“Women’s build was just a day of goodness,” she added. “Serving together but also knowing that that service is producing fruit in someone else’s life. Getting to meet her that day was an extra bonus.”

Those who wish to participate or sponsor this year’s construction activities are invited to to contact events@dorchesterhabitat.org for further details.

2 new shops to open in North Charleston retail center; new tool store coming to Summerville

Two new retail shops are ready to launch in a Target-anchored shopping center in North Charleston.“Opening soon” and “Now hiring” signs are posted in front of Advance Auto Parts and Popshelf in North Rivers Towne Center at 7250 Rivers Ave.They are splitting a formerly 31,433-square-foot vacant space next to a recently opened Buy Buy Baby store. The retail center is owned by LBX Investments of Los Angeles...

Two new retail shops are ready to launch in a Target-anchored shopping center in North Charleston.

“Opening soon” and “Now hiring” signs are posted in front of Advance Auto Parts and Popshelf in North Rivers Towne Center at 7250 Rivers Ave.

They are splitting a formerly 31,433-square-foot vacant space next to a recently opened Buy Buy Baby store. The retail center is owned by LBX Investments of Los Angeles.

Popshelf is a new concept from Dollar General that offers home furnishings, party items, toys and beauty products. It’s geared toward the suburban shopper with a household income between $50,000 and $125,000, higher than Dollar General’s lower-income targeted customers.

Opening dates for the new stores have not been announced.

Tool time

Tool giant Harbor Freight plans to set up shop in Summerville.

The Calabasas, Calif.-based retailer recently signed an extended lease for a 16,000-square-foot structure to be built at 388 E. 5th North St., also known as U.S. Highway 78, about a block south of the Berlin G. Myers Parkway, according to Dorchester County land records.

The 1.43-acre site, owned by Henbell Summerville HFT LLC of Augusta, Ga., sits east of a Spinx convenience store and gas station and next to Sawmill Branch. It also abuts a retail center where Planet Fitness and Palmetto State Armory are located.

Harbor Freight’s lease is for 15 years with five five-year renewal options. The agreement also grants the tenant the first right of refusal to purchase the property.

On the way

In northern Mount Pleasant, Red Bird Hospitality Group LLC plans to open a new Bohemian Bull tavern and beer garden in January in a 6,143-square-foot space at 2668 U.S. Highway 17.

The East Cooper franchise location for the bar and grill is the former site of Carrabba’s Italian Grill. It’s also near the newly opened Cabana Burgers & Shakes at 2664 U.S. Highway 17.

Bohemian Bull’s flagship venue is on Folly Road on James Island. Another restaurant is in Greenville, with a new site coming to Mauldin in the Upstate and another in Grapevine, Texas.

What’s cooking?

A Connecticut-based restaurant specializing in rotisserie chicken is close to opening in the Charleston area.

El Pollo Guapo recently applied for its state alcohol license at 1130 Folly Road on James Island where Black Magic Café operated before closing its last Lowcountry location in September after 13 years.

The new restaurant will offer whole roasted chickens, sides, tacos, rice bowls, salads, desserts and other items.

The company’s website says it plans to open by the end of the year and bring a food truck.

Cleaning up

Not one but two car washes are on the way to the Centre Pointe development in North Charleston.

Whistle Express, part of Charlotte-based Magnolia Wash Holdings, is building its first South Carolina location beside Mellow Mushroom on Tanger Outlet Boulevard while Tommy’s Express plans to take over the former Burger King site at Centre Pointe Drive and Tanger Outlet Boulevard near Walmart and Tanger Outlets.

Michigan-based Tommy’s Express has two other locations in the Charleston area on Ashley Phosphate Road in North Charleston and Trolley Road in Summerville. Opening dates have not been announced for either location.

Rolling in

A luxury rental transportation business recently added a second U.S. location in Charleston.

Double Black Transportation has set up an office at 310 Broad St. on the peninsula along with an off-site vehicle lot at 1211 Palm St. in Hanahan.

The company’s other location is in Jackson Hole, Wyo.

Case Resor is the owner of both businesses, which offer party buses for weddings, concerts and other social outings.


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